Teleport = Local Switched WiFi Traffic @ Remote Location?

  • Does the Teleport function as a localized switch between clients at the remote location?
    Or does all traffic have to go back to the Home network for communication between remote clients?

    I would like to use an AppleTV and an iPad abroad to mirror the iPad display on the AppleTV over WiFi without wasting precious bandwidth back to the Home network.
    Can an iPad communicate directly with an AppleTV over the Teleport's local WiFi only?

    Thanks in advance for the pre-purchase advice.

  • @derek-saville Unfortunately I can't test this myself right now, but join the devices and also a laptop. Ping the devices from the laptop. If the latency is > 1ms or so, then it's bouncing back.

  • @michael-eckhoff - Thanks for the tip. I don't own an AppleTV yet, but I will try to ping the iPad from a laptop
    I was hoping to find out if the iPad and the AppleTV could talk directly before purchasing the AppleTV.

  • @michael-eckhoff - indeed if I ping the Teleport from a laptop it is <1ms but if I ping the iPad it averages 65ms.
    Is what I am asking for (allowing remote device-to-device WiFi traffic behind the Teleport to remain local) even possible?
    Or is it limitation of WiFi and/or the hardware?
    I would think if I had a switch and Ethernet devices behind the Teleport they could communicate directly, but I don't know...

  • @derek-saville good question. For that part I'll have to pass and wait for the amplifi folks to respond.

  • Does @UBNT-Gunars or somebody else have an answer to this question?

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