Amazon Echo Dot, Nest and Amplifi

  • Everything was working great, but now, for some reason, the Echo cannot see the nest. It is configured in the app, but somehow it cannot see it. I doubt this is an Amplifi issue, but Amazon's first response was asking about which bands they were on (one is on 2.4GHz and one is on 5GHz.)

    Is anyone else seeing issues suddenly?

  • I have all of these products as well and am not seeing these issues. One thing that does stand out to me though is that on the Amazon echo, you can have multiple accounts set up with different skills enabled. I've run into issues where someone has accidentally changed accounts, by simply saying "Alexa, change.", and none of my skills work anymore. This may be worth checking out, not sure if it would apply to you or not.


    I have been fighting with Amazon for more than a week. Incredibly frustrating. First they said they would get back to me in 5 days. Didn't. Then they forced me to go through the whole process over again. Nothing. They then said we'll get back to you in 3 days. Still waiting.

    This was such a simple fix. The actual command was "Alexa, change account." then it worked. Could not get nest working on my wife's account, but switching it back over to mine fixed this issue.

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