New Amplifi slower (wireless) than my 1st Gen eero

  • Was very excited to give Amplifi a try. Speed tests (wireless) were much better in most locations in my house with the eero and 1 base station vs the Amplifi with 2. Even testing wireless with just single base stations (no mesh) eero wins. Comcast 300/15 in San Jose. Amplifi firmware all updated. Rebooted everything. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • @john-matero I had same problem, read my post "wifi halfed". I downgraded firmware to 2.4.3. Seems to of fixed problem. Have talked with amplifi support about it they don't seem to care.

  • Getting here 400/40 over wifi and wired in the Netherlands on latest firmware. No problem.
    180/40 on the Mesh points.
    Had those results on all firmwares.

  • @john-matero How do things look from an Ethernet connected device (just to get a baseline that it's good from the router out).

    What do your devices show as their connection rate and frequency?

    Have you taken it out of auto mode for channel selection and moved it someplace else? I recently had to do this when some interference moved in (moved it down to channel 36) and I only have 60 Mbps to deal with - it had shut it down to mid-teens. Has been fine after forcing the channel.

  • So, Connected my MacBook directly to one of the amplifi ethernet ports and on I'm getting full 300/12. When I run the amplifi ISP test from my iPhone, I get 103/12 (consistently... download always around 100, upload fine). The eero speedtest always showed 298/12 as did hardwire to eero/speedtest. All of our connected phones, tablets, Apple TV, Macs are all connected at 5ghz. Wireless connected to the base and satellites show 90-120/12. Was getting 200+/12 on the eeros.

  • @john-matero AmpliFi speeds measured within the app are not so good. See this post:

  • @mike-ambroziak yeah support told me to use I was getting speeds over wifi 90/45 tried changing channels etc. Nothing helped, I even tried the google wifi that was worse. After downgrade im getting 230/210 which I think is acceptable i have a 350/350 connection.

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