Speed decreases on Mesh Point when using streaming/gaming priority mode

  • Hi,

    I have stumbled on a reproducible case of speed decreasing when using the streaming/gaming traffic priority modes on 2.6.2

    If I change the mode to normal, I get full 100/2 speeds as expected.
    If I change to streaming, I get ~70/1
    If I change to gaming, I get ~50/1

    Not sure if this is expected behaviour or not.

    I can reliably reproduce this by changing the mode and running Speedtest consecutively.
    Can reproduce across multiple devices through this method also on my Mesh Point HD running 2.6.2rc1.

    I think it may only affect MP, and not the HD base station but haven't been able to reliably confirm that.

    Any idea if this is a bug?


  • @josh-schreuder These modes are intended to reduce latency. Typically streaming does not need full 100 Mbps. It needs up to 20 Mbps but without interruptions. On the other hand, games do not need very high speed but they need every packet to arrive in time. This is what we are trying to achieve here.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs OK no worries, so it's intentionally sacrificing speed in favour of latency. Good to know, it threw me off when I couldn't work out why the speed was so much lower on one device running in game mode vs. others on the same AP. Not sure if it's there and I just missed it, but it might be good to display information to that effect in the app somehow?

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