Ability to select 2.4G or 5G Radio and roam across all devices (Router & MP's)

  • See the following thread: https://community.amplifi.com/topic/62/what-do-the-various-ssid-s-do-with-separate-wifi-ssid-enabled

    The ask is that a new option be provided, when "Separate WiFi SSID" is enabled, that allows for one to select either 2.4G or 5G, yet roam between all devices on the network including both Routers and MP's. Currently, with "Separate WiFi SSID" enabled, you must choose EITHER the router or the MP's to roam between if you're selecting a given band.

    This would allow the forcing of devices to use either 2.4G or 5G radios yet take advantage of the full scale of the mesh provided of Amplifi.

  • I feel like this deserves more than a thumbs up (which I already gave). I bought the Amplifi setup to have something my wife can manage the kids connectivity when I'm on the road replacing my DD-WRT for the family (I kept the DD-WRT up for my office because it give me what I need in the way of DHCP configuration, VLANs, seperate domains, etc. etc.). The end user friendliness is great for my wife but, as Brian alludes, is very limiting and really a bit disappointing to me. I'm not asking for it to get anywhere near feature parity with my DD-WRT, it's just not that kind of solution, but being able to put the 2.4GHz and 5Ghz on separate SSIDs with separate passwords would go a long way in my opinion.

  • Yes, we definitely need this feature. This should be on the top list of the next update! I was wondering why my connection gets lost when I'm outside of my garage when my 2nd HD acting as a mesh-point that is 5 feet from me. Now that I know that it doesn't perform a hand-off if we enable separate SSID. This is a must for someone like me where I have Apple Homekit automation and when I go out of range from my main HD onto the streets then my phone can be handed off to the mesh-point when I run a automation scene it doesn't get interrupted.

  • I will strongly support this as well. Some IoT and audio streaming products do not do well when the 5GHZ and 2.4GHz bands are not clearly separated. When this is enabled with AmpliFi, you have 2 SSID's per Mesh Point and router, and handoff is not handled properly. I'd like to see the ability to separate the bands into only 2 SSID's across the whole system with seamless handoff/roaming with either SSID. Not having this feature significantly cripples the system. Thanks.

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