DHCP Static Lease Changes don't save

  • Changes to the MAC address of an existing static DHCP assignment are not retained in the iOS amplify app.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Open the Amplifi app.
    Click on the Router
    Scroll down to DHCP Server
    Click on Static Leases
    Select an existing static lease.
    Modify the MAC address.
    Click on the Check in the top right corner.
    After the change is accepted, select the static lease again & observe the old MAC address is still retained.

    If you need to change the mac address that is assigned a specific IP address, the only method that works is to delete the existing assignment and create a new one.

    If you try to edit an existing mac address & click on the CheckMark, the UI presents what appears to be a successful change, but the mac address returns to the previous entry.

  • Hi @patrick-mccanna, thanks for the bug report. It was confirmed in iOS app and forwarded to mobile app developers.

  • I know this is a very old topic, but this is still an issue on the latest GA release.

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