Optimizing AMPLIFI Mesh Kit with Verizon Fios Gigabit

  • I have Verizon Fios gigabit service confirmed to be working at 950/950 using a modern PC plugged directly into the Verizon router.

    I also see WiFi speeds of approximately 350 Mbps using an old MacBook Air connecting to the Verizon router.

    Using the Amplifi (in bridge mode) plugged into the Verizon router gives me 150-200 Mbps over WiFi at best.

    AMPLIFI support tells me there is some sort of known isssue being addressed by the developers but was unable to provide any more information on why throughout is so poor.

    I’ve already spent a total of 5-6 solid hours troubleshooting this and am just about ready to give up on the Amplifi since the Verizon router works just fine.

    I like the Amplifi features but want the higher throughput. Any advice on how to get this working? Is Amplifi support for gigabit networking functional in the real world?

  • @iqbal-yusaf Please collect support info while MacBook is connected to Amplifi:

    Amplifi App -> Router icon -> Support info

    Send it to me for analysis: dima@ubnt.com

    Also, I need MAC address of your MacBook Air.

    Meanwhile, try switching Wi-Fi channel between 36/149. Your speeds are definitely below normal. MacBooks should expect up to 460 Mbps when connected directly to Amplifi Router.

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