Was excited about Amplifi, but back to Unifi AP for now

  • I was really excited to try the Amplifi out; I bought the package with the Teleport. I was replacing an Apple Airport Extreme that had been in flawless service for several years, and when I received the Amplifi it was impressive. I loved the design, the screen, and the simplicity of the app controls.

    After installing it and doing the firmware updates, reboots, etc however I became quickly disappointed. When I'd pick my phone up and do anything that required the wifi network, it would show "disconnected" and then reconnect a few moments later. This happened every frequently. Then it started bottlenecking my ISP's speeds down to around 3Mbps, sometimes less (I only get about 12Mbps to begin with here, but it's been reliable). A router reboot would fix it, but then shortly after it would slow down again.

    Before we'd had no trouble streaming Netflix/Amazon, even with multiple users but after the Amplifi I couldn't even get one stream in HD, it was pixelated and laggy.

    I tried the tech support online, which was very responsive. They worked with me for hours, trying different settings and having me test all kinds of things. At the end of the day though, I still had a beautiful wifi router that couldn't keep a solid connection or provide the speeds I was paying for.

    After a couple weeks of frustration, I sent it back to Amazon, bought a Unifi LR AP and paired it with an 8 port router. No issues since, and the wifi has been great. I really like the Amplifi product line, and Ubiquiti is doing much better with support and documentation these days but for me it just wasn't ready for prime time, especially given the price.

    Just my thoughts, YMMV and I hope they get the issues worked out.

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