Paging and so many sub-forums....

  • -- What is up with the paging? Why is it way at the top of the screen vs at the bottom of the posts?

    Under suggestions I can't even see one of my posts no matter which way I page through it - MULTIPLE SEGREGATED SSIDS (NOT JUST GUEST) FOR DEVICES

    -- Less is more! So many sub forums, all of the sub forums, too many maybe?

    1. General Discussion
      a) Introductions, Share your stories!
      b) Forum specific issues

    2. AmpliFi
      a) FAQ and Using AmpliFi
      b) Updates and Upcoming
      c) Suggestions
      d) Help! Troubleshooting and Bug Reports

    3. Apps and Connectivity - Use and troubleshooting
      a) iOS
      b) Android
      c) Web (hehe see what I did here?)

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