Port forwarding rules not visible

  • I have been using the AMPLIFI system (3x HD-R, 2 in mesh node mode) for quite some time now and have performed all firmware updates. Currently I am on 2.6.2.

    I have never tried to add any port forwarding rules until recently.

    I needed to add a DMZ forwarding for a particular node in my network. So I added the following port forwarding rule:

    Name: xxx
    IP: x.x.x.x
    source port: 1-65535
    dest port 1-65535
    Protocol: TCP and UDP

    The node I port forwarded to is not a wireless client but is connected via ethernet to one of my mesh nodes.

    The port forwarding rule seems to work, but I cannot see any port forwarding rules in the relevant location in the app. The list is empty.

    This means that I cannot remove or edit anything.

  • @konstantinos-bessas
    Thanks for reporting this issue with max port range.
    This will be fixed in next FW versions.
    Current work-around would be use port forward range 1-65534.

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