Open VPN or support for VPN client

  • Is there any progress on allowing the Amplifi router to be a VPN router using VPN software or VPN Client setup like in Tomato or DD-WRT?

  • @sam-blaque-viper-phelan I think the official responses from employees have been two-fold thus far have been:

    1. They expect VPN support to be utilized with a Teleport device. Given that this is a consumer device, they want consumer-friendly experiences which is much easier for them to accomplish with Teleport than with supporting third-party VPN clients.
    2. But, the router has VPN bits in the firmware to support the Teleport, so perhaps as it matures more, they may open this up for prosumers in the future once this priority begins to outweigh other priorities.

    Honestly, what I personally expect (pure speculation) is that we might be a year or three out before the open VPN up for non-Teleport use cases:

    Firstly, they want to increase sales of Teleport devices, and the AmpliFi ecosystem in general. Also, in the future, they might have more form factors for Teleport (my speculation) given that there are limitations with the current Teleport (for instance, a portable/pocketable Teleport hub sure would be nice when you're not around an electrical outlet!).

    Secondly, I bet they have a pretty large backlog of changes/improvements they want to make to the AmpliFi HD routers with many items as higher priorities than this.

    Thirdly, they probably want to avoid a lot of heavy prosumer-type configurations because they are able to provide some pretty top-notch support but these heavy prosumer configurations begin to exponentially complicate that support.

    Lastly but most importantly in my opinion to expectations on them adding this feature: If you really need some super-advanced features, then it's possible that you'd be better off with a UniFi setup instead of an AmpliFi setup (both are made by Ubiquiti, in case you didn't know). You can do mesh with UniFi for just a little bit more money, but you can do so much more advanced configuration with that system. So trying to make AmpliFi be able to do what UniFi does isn't really something that makes sense. If that's what you're trying to do, then why even have AmpliFi to begin with? Why not just market UniFi for consumers then? So for this reason, I even consider the possibility where they simply say, "Sorry but we're not going to add it because it sounds like you should get UniFi instead of AmpliFi for your needs." I know a lot of prosumers who have UniFi systems and are very happy with it! I was actually pricing UniFi systems out for myself when random people on Twitter made me aware of the AmpliFi system (just a bit before they started promoting it).

    All of this said, I'm still interested in hearing if they have any additional/newer responses to this! I personally use two VPN-type products: Teleport (for personal/professional travel) and ZeroTier (for site-to-site and remote-to-site VPNs). I don't think AmpliFi has something that would replace ZeroTier for me, but I'm always evaluating and re-evaluating my technology solutions, so I'm definitely open to it!

  • Yes, I would love to see VPN built directly into my Amplifi HD router, but when compared to the alternatives on the market they are still in a pretty good position.

    I had used a Google WIFI before and they do not support VPN - either inbound our outbound. Yep, you heard it right. If you are using a VPN client at home to access your company network, that is not supported. It generally works, but if you have issues, you are on your own. And they definitely will not support a VPN server on your private network.

    Ny Synology NAS has a built in VPN server. Works fine with Amplifi, have used it in multiple countries. Ultimately I would like to see it in the router instead but the fact that I can enable a 3rd party VPN server with Amplifi makes it easy enough for me to manage at this point.

  • This question currently has 2,700 views, which signals significant interest: it merits an informed answer from someone who works there.

    If they want to charge for a software VPN solution, or bundle one with the Teleport hardwate -- I am fine with that. But when mobile, I'm not going to carry additional hardware for just that purpose.

  • Completely agreed; some sort of "teleport software" for phone use would be best for my use case. As a Teleport owner, I still have mixed feelings about my purchase. Most times I want to connect to my home network, I'm usually on my phone and don't want to bother using surrounding wifi.
    I've also noticed that more and more open wifi are blocking VPN protocols (same issue for Teleport and my workplaces VPN).

  • Bumping this thread since it would be great to have something like this. Either an OpenVPN service on the router itself or a software version of Teleport for iOS/Android devices and laptops. I'd certainly pay a fair sum for a software version. The Teleport is useless for mobile devices that use cellular for connectivity.

  • I'm really happy with my device, but I need VPN on the router. Is there a formal route to request features?

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