Using Teleport when AmpliFi is behind an EdgeRouter

  • Has anyone successfully used a Teleport when the AmpliFi is behind an EndgeRouter? If so, how?


  • @colman-lalka Make sure uPnP is enabled on the EdgeRouter. Then put the AmpliFi router in bridge mode.

  • Yes, base ER-X configuration, uPnP/uPnP2 enabled, QoS (smart queues) enabled, DHCP server enabled 192.168.1.X address. Conected to cable modem, gets the public Internet address. No port forwarding.

    Amplifi configured as a router (not bridge mode), uPnP enabled, gets a 192.168.1.X IP. Amplifi LAN is 192.168.23.X (example) and of course runs DHCP giving all clients an IP on this range.

    Client with can reach the ER-X at *.1.1 and cable modem on its internal IP of *.100.1.

    Teleport works just fine without issues.

  • I have Teleport working behind a Peplink Balance router with the Amplifi router in bridge mode. I have full access to my home network from 800 miles away. WhatsMyIP shows my home ISP IP address.

    I thought Teleport performance was awful but turns out it is my hotel's Comcast Business service that is awful. Same crud speeds when I test through Teleport or directly to hotel wifi. Reliability of the connection through Teleport seems great so far. And the hotel's captive portal didn't cause any problems.

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