EdgeRouter behind an AmpliFi Network - any suggestions?

  • Hi all!

    I'm considering building a "home work network" behind my AmpliFi network with a few devices. Here's what I'm considering for my network topology:

    Cable Modem
    AmpliFi Network:

    • AFi-R Router
    • 2x AFi-R devices with wireless backhaul providing remote ethernet ports for TV equipment
    • 1x AFi-R at far end of house with ethernet backhaul
    • 1x Meshpoint covering the back yard
    • 1x Teleport paired with this network for VPN while traveling (more for security & convenience, less for work)

    Edge Router Work Network (with EdgeRouter behind the AmpliFi):

    • EdgeRouter as the firewall for a small wired-only work network
    • A few workstations
    • A ZeroTier Edge device to provide site-to-site VPN bridging with a second similar private "home work network" (Note: This provides me my remote work VPN if/when needed. We already use ZeroTier very successfully and it offers some great "it just works" conveniences for us that I don't really want to move on from.)

    I'm doing this because I'd really like to isolate my work network a bit more than I already have. And I get that the EdgeRouter will be at the mercy of the AmpliFi router, but I think that's okay. I don't host any crazy services out of my house where custom port forwarding rules will be a pain to double-manage. Honestly, if the AmpliFi router firmware supported custom VLANs, then I think I could even use that instead of the EdgeRouter, but that's just not an option currently.

    Does anybody see any issues/problems with a setup like this? I think it should theoretically work but I'm not quite a networking pro so would appreciate critique from those who are!

  • @shane-milton

    I have a Cisco 800 Series Router behind my Amplifi for my home office config. No problems. It is substantially more reliable and stable than the Amplifi. I have to reboot Amplifi once a week. I reboot the Cisco 800 once every few months.

  • @brian-hageman Aside from any port forwarding, have you found any restrictions or requirements for this setup? No additional complications by the additional NAT layers?

  • @brian-hageman hi Brian! Can you tell us more about why do you need to restart your AmpliFi every month?

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