Family/Devices Tab improvements

  • I have seen some of these improvements requested before. Really hope they will be implemented:

    1. New devices in a separate section - All devices which are new on the network. Maybe even add a notification "A new device has been identified on the network.."
    2. Ability to see the last time a device was connected and the ability to remove them from the list. I currently have 41 "Guest devices". Most of those will not reconnect soon.
    3. I would like to be able to identify which devices are connected via Guest-SSID. It is currently impossible to see.
    4. I would like to see bandwidth usage of the wired devices. Why only the wireless? I don't mind if the speed is only updated once every second.

    These would be great improvements

  • All of these are good suggestions and I'd appreciate them. I especially like the "New Devices" idea but I think I'd suggest that all devices should go and stay in this section until I move them into another section ("Old Devices" isn't quite the right name, perhaps "Adopted Devices" or something better - name stuff is hard!).

    This would especially help me in organizing my various devices to name them to more useful names as I add them to my network.

  • Can we also get rid of the superfluous count-up animation on the family tab? Waiting 3-4 seconds for it to count up when you are trying to figure out what device is hogging the bandwidth is super frustrating.

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