Teleport Password Change

  • How do I change the Wifi password on the Teleport once it is in service and working fine?

  • @tim-wilson I think you'll need to factory reset it. However, setup should go very smoothly, given that it's already working.

  • @jayson-knight You can reset it remotely. I tested on my last trip. Make sure you have remote access enabled to accept the pair request.

  • Hi @michael-eckhoff - I need to change the SSID that my Teleport is broadcasting (not the SSID it is connecting to the WAN thru) while I am currently traveling.

    Are you saying I can perform a factory reset and then re-pair to the Home HD Router even though I am far far away?

    Can you please just reconfirm the steps you took?

    Hi @Jayson-Knight - did you ever try this?

    I need to make this change, but I can’t afford to lose my Teleport completely and have to FedEx it back and forth for a few days.

    Thanks a lot for your help

  • Just an FYI to all: One thing that's a little confusing (and scary b/c of that) with the Teleport is what happens when you perform a Factory Reset on the Teleport. So think back to how you configured your Teleport successfully for the first time. You did two primary things:

    1. Paired the Teleport with your Router
    2. Configured your Teleport's WiFi

    When you perform a Factory Reset on your Teleport, you're really only resetting #2. You are not unpairing the device! This is the part that's confusing and scary (especially when being told to factory reset your device while remote) until you understand it. After the factory reset, your Teleport is still paired with your Router and will connect just fine.

    When you Factory Reset, the following things get reset (this is probably not an exhaustive list):

    1. Backhaul WiFi Sources and configurations
    2. Private broadcast WiFi network and configurations
    3. Your anxiety, once everything is working again

    I do wish this was a bit more obvious. You're certainly not the first people to be concerned/confused by this.

    By the way, I think a Factory Reset on your Router will unpair the devices. That said, I may be wrong on this point.

    cc: @Derek-Saville

  • Hi @shane-milton - thank you!
    That is the reassurance I was looking for.

  • Hi @shane-milton - sorry, one more question... is the only way to do a Teleport Factory Reset with a paper clip?

    I can’t find a way to do it in the iOS app or web interface.

    Thanks again

  • @derek-saville Yep, down by the ethernet port.

  • @shane-milton - thanks
    Seems like a drastic step just to change an SSID.

    It took me awhile to figure out I had to go back into the remote access AmpliFi app and accept the pairing again.

    The Teleport web portal said it was going to reboot, but just sat there with the flashing full circle LED indicator with me connected to the default SSID.

    As soon as I went back into the app and re-paired, it rebooted and worked great.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • @derek-saville I absolutely agree, it's not the most pleasant UX at all. That said, once you get it working (I've always successfully stumbled through it just fine), it works very well in my experience! But yeah, even though the product is great, the user experience for the setup and configuration isn't quite as awesome as it is with the router's setup and configuration (it's pretty great).

  • @derek-saville Apologies for the delayed response - but I agreed with @Shane-Milton. I reset with the paper clip and was able to reconnect it. The most important thing is to make sure that your router is setup for remote access before you leave, and that it's working, so you can get the pop-up to allow the connection in when it re-attaches.

  • @Michael-Eckhoff, @Shane-Milton: major changes are coming to the Teleport setup process. You won't need to confirm pairing or have the Teleport physically close to the router (for initial pairing) anymore. It will all be in the app, and mostly work via Bluetooth. We'll also clone the main network instead of asking you to customize SSID (we did this because main network data wasn't available during setup).

    Another thing we're working on is removing the router environment constraints where you may need to set up port forwarding, UPnP or IP passthrough to pass the connectivity test. This won't be needed anymore.

    Last, but not least, there will be a major performance boost to Teleport (2-3x), and improved video streaming performance on very long links.

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - impressive list of updates!

    Regarding “We'll also clone the main network instead of asking you to customize SSID”, can we please still have the option to change the SSID?

    I have an HD Mesh Router now installed via Wired Backhaul thru the Teleport’s Ethernet port that clones the main home SSID and it helped to manage clients away from the Teleport by giving it a different throwaway SSID.
    (I originally assigned the Teleport’s SSID to be the same as the home network as it was convenient while traveling)

  • @ubnt-gunars This is great to hear! I kinda had a feeling that this would be one of those areas to tackle at some point (just like web administration is another). Glad to hear this is happening sooner rather than later! Those sound like some incredible improvements!

  • @derek-saville Sounds like you need the option to completely disable Teleport's SSID. Unused SSIDs still take up air time and reduce the performance of your network.

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - Yes please!
    I need the Teleport WiFi connection to the internet WAN network to remain on, but the Teleport's local access SSID disabled.
    All access is through the HD Mesh Router in wired backhaul mode via the Teleport's Ethernet port.

    Teleported wired backhaul is really working great for me having the extra Ethernet ports and stronger WiFi performance from the cube.
    Being able to extend the Teleported network with an additional MeshPoint came in handy too.

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - please correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Teleport 801.11n max limited to 300 Mbps?
    And HD Mesh Routers are MIMO 802.11ac capable of 1750 Mbps (1300 + 450) with higher transmit power available?

    For remote fixed sites with multiple clients, if one can afford the investment, it seems like it would make sense to dedicate the Teleport to WAN communication and disable the LAN facing SSID while using Ethernet backhaul to an HD Mesh Router.
    It has helped my ping times between local devices as well, so I believe the there is some local swithced routing happening on the router too.


  • @derek-saville We'll have to add this later after in-app setup is complete.

  • Hi @ubnt-gunars - what is “Pause Teleport” supposed to do in tha app?

    Right now, if I enable Pause Teleport there is no change in functionality.

    The Teleport continues to function normally, the WiFi SSID is still enabled and working, and the Ethernet port is still working.

    Not sure if this is a bug or just a UI mistake and not even supposed to be there since it doesn’t appear to actually do anything.

    Firmware is 2.6.3

  • @derek-saville I would like an answer to this question too. When I pause the teleport, the internet connection remains active.

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