Guest WLAN in Bridge Mode

  • Hello, I need a Guest WLAN when working in bridge mode. I think, this should be no magic.

    Thanks. Thomas

  • Excellent suggestion. I have to use it in bridge mode, so I miss this functionality a lot!

  • Yes, I would definitely love this option to be enabled when in bridge mode

  • YES. This and the PARENTAL CONTROLS. It makes no sense why these options are not available in bridge mode. We are FIOS customers and have NO choice but use bridge mode.

  • Still nothing on enabling this feature - RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • I completely agree that this is a very helpful and painfully absent feature for a long time now. Apple airports had this many years back, with VLAN tagging. Is there a big roadblock to implementing it?

  • I hope we get this soon. I’m resisting the urge to replace my AmplifiHD system out but I don’t know how much longer I can ignore the missing functionality.

  • I now fully solved the issue having the AMPLIFI as an access point, without putting it into bridge mode.
    Initially make sure it is not connected to your current network and access it with your phone app.

    1. Enable a DHCP range on your AMPLIFI (e.g. - 200). Make sure it is a different subnet then you currently use, in order to avoid connection issues.
    2. Get your current gateway IP address (e.g. Most likely the IP of your modem/router.
    3. Set the AMPLIFI internet setting to a static IP in the range of the gateway IP address (e.g.
      For the gateway entry use your gateway IP address (e.g. ... obvious. Add a primary and seconday DNS server to whatever you like (Your ISP DNS servers, Google DNS, OpenDNS, etc.) In my case I use my own DNS blackhole server to filter ads etc.
    4. Disable the existing dhcp server.
    5. Connect a cable from the internet port on the AMPLIFI to your hub/switch or modem/router. This will serve the wireless devices with IP numbers in the DHCP range.
    6. Also(!) connect a cable from a LAN port on the AMPLIFI to your hub/switch or your modem/router. This will serve the cabled devices with IP numbers.

    Now all the devices are in the same subnet. I scanned the network for other devices in guest mode and they were not visible.

  • +1 it was very disappointing to find out that guest networking was disabled while in bridge mode after purchasing and deploying the AmpliFi solution

  • I'm not an expert but it seems like it would be hard to isolate guests from the main SSID in bridge mode, that is kind of the point of guess mode to have that isolation.

    Clients on both networks would need to reach the gateway which is your router, not the Amplifi. They would have access to each other and clients not native to the Amplifi.

    Are there actually routers that do this? Seems misleading for security concerns.

    Someone else posted about putting the Amplifi behind your router not in bridge mode. That is what I do, simply to utilize fq_codel. Unless your using bridge mode for speed, that is probably your best bet.

  • Having to switch between bridged and normal mode to see all my devices vs allowing guest network is somewhat painful.
    Please add support for this.

  • Should be quite easy to implement. VLAN tagging is already there for non-bridge-mode access as is the setup for the guest ssid and security. So all it takes is to options in the UI and the system.

    Technically speaking another bridge with the ssid interface and a vlan-tagged subinterface on the WAN port. Implementation effort including setup application(s) should be worst-case in the range of 1-2 days including testing. Not sure why this wasn't implemented. 😞

  • I believe the reason why Guest wireless is disabled when in "Bridge Mode" is because the Guest wireless network depends on DHCP for IP Subnet isolation.

    To that point, however, I do know Cisco has this problem solved for their wireless access point. I "upgraded" our cisco wireless access points (because they were at least 4 years old) to Amplifi Wifi. But I lost a lot of functionality. So do I keep Amplifi Wifi Mesh system (the mesh wifi works really well and in bridge mode I get great speeds) or do I go back to my cisco wireless access point to get 4 year old technology functionality back and lose out of the mesh wifi and speed? I guess I had expected more since Amplifi is backed by Ubiquiti and I have been using their router hardware for a few years now.

  • Just found out that WLAN guest isn’t working when device is in bridge mode. I would really appreciate the guest WLAN feature when device is in bride mode.

  • This is so silly that i can't enable a guest wireless account when in bridged mode. More and more this device is causing me headaches and i begin to realize that I bought the wrong thing. I mean come on, USB and can't use it! WTF?

  • @Amplifi-Ubiquity is there a feature request for this and an ETA of implementation please?

  • I’ve been told for about a year that this feature is coming, yet nothing. I’m getting tired of having to give out my network passcode to everyone who comes to my house, I have a lot of home automations and other controllers on my network that should be partitioned from guest internet use.

  • How can it be there is not an ETA for such a basic and necessary feature?

  • I’d like to see this feature, too. I’ve configured my Amplifi setup in router mode to route to my internet modem on a different private subnet. But that leaves me with double nat, which creates all sorts of problems. @Amplifi-Ubiquity any word on if/when we’ll get the guest network feature in bridged mode?

  • Have to agree, guest mode in bridge mode is a simple function that should be added but hasn’t.

    My work around is to use the the router in router mode. I did this by turning off the WiFi on my ISP modem, which is FIOS, and bridging that modem. From there my AMPLIFI acts as the main router and get full functionality from the app.

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