Guest WLAN in Bridge Mode

  • Hello, I need a Guest WLAN when working in bridge mode. I think, this should be no magic.

    Thanks. Thomas

  • Excellent suggestion. I have to use it in bridge mode, so I miss this functionality a lot!

  • Yes, I would definitely love this option to be enabled when in bridge mode

  • YES. This and the PARENTAL CONTROLS. It makes no sense why these options are not available in bridge mode. We are FIOS customers and have NO choice but use bridge mode.

  • Still nothing on enabling this feature - RIDICULOUS!!!!

  • I completely agree that this is a very helpful and painfully absent feature for a long time now. Apple airports had this many years back, with VLAN tagging. Is there a big roadblock to implementing it?

  • I hope we get this soon. I’m resisting the urge to replace my AmplifiHD system out but I don’t know how much longer I can ignore the missing functionality.

  • It is possible to use the Amplifi as AP (Access Point) without putting it in bridge mode, so the guest network will be available. In this setup you will get two DHCP servers in your network: one is your existing DHCP server (e.g. current router) and the other one is setup on the Amplifi to connect the wireless devices. Be sure both are setup to serve IP numbers in different(!) subnets.

    So on the AMPLIFI setup the new DHCP range. Then on the AMPLIFI Internet setup: enter an unused static IP number in the same subnet of your existing DHCP server outside it's DHCP range and enter your routers IP as the gateway address. Add a primary and seconday DNS server to whatever you like (Your ISP DNS servers, Google DNS, OpenDNS, etc.) In my case I use my own DNS blackhole server to filter ads etc.

    One small downside to this setup is that I cannot access my SONOS equipment from a cabled device (PC) anymore, because of the different subnets, but I can access them with all the wireless devices.

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