Amplifi router disconnects from modem

  • Past few days the Amplifi HD has been disconnecting from the modem reporting no internet connection (despite the modem being powered up and showing it's connected).

    If I reboot the Amplifi, nothing changes, reports the same message.

    If I reboot the modem (VM "Superhub" 2ac) and not the Amplifi - nothing happens, but if I then reboot the Amplifi it works again.

    Happened 3 days ago and again last night, if it happens tomorrow then it seems to be repeating over 2 days.

    Not sure at which point to contact support over this, before I reboot everything or after?

  • I was having a similar issues 2 days ago where the HD would lose the modem's IP address and connection. A reboot would temporarily work but then i would lose it again. Turned out to be an issue with the coax feeding the cable modem. The new 3.1 DOCSIS speeds need good RG6 for their signal. Once replaced it hasn't dropped since.

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