Support DNS over HTTPS

  • Now that we a great new privacy minded and free public DNS with Cloudflare's new DNS, I would love to see Amplifi support DNS over HTTPS (DOH). DNS over HTTPS would encrypt all our DNS request and our ISPs would no longer be able to see and log which sites we visit via DNS requests. Firefox is supporting DOH in their beta, but it would be awesome if this was support on a router level. We would not have to wait for OS and browser vendors.

    Supporting DOH would make life so much harder for shitty ISPs who try to sell DNS data to advertisers/databrokers, countries who abuse the DNS-system and block sites/content they don't like and privacy minded consumers would probably love it.

  • ☝

    To go along with this, please add support for manually setting an IPv6 DNS server (which Cloudflare also provides in addition to

    Right now, the Amplifi admin app only allows you to specify IPv4 addresses, but if you're running dual stack and using DHCP/DHCPv6 to get an IP, it's not clear whether it will still pick up and use the IPv6 DNS server for IPv6 requests. (edit: This forum post from Nov 2017 seems to suggest that the DHCPv6-provided DNS server will be inherited for IPv6 requests, which I'll wager is not the behavior expected by users when they are manually overriding the DNS server).

  • +1 for DNS over HTTPS and, in general, fully embracing DNS features.

  • Another +1 for DNS-over-TLS. This is becoming an ever more important feature and marketing point for home products. Making this easy to implement will be a big win.

  • Everything the others said.

    Full support for DNS over HTTPS! Embrace 🙂

  • This. Now. Please?

  • I know that this is old, but maybe adding a reply might bring it back to the top, or get the devs attention.

    +1 for this.

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