USB Powered Teleport

  • USB powered device. Sometimes it’s very hard to find an outlet at the airport, coffee shops, conference rooms, etc. If I could hook mine up to a portable battery pack, or stick it in my computer USB port, that would be fabulous. I don’t know how much power it draws, or if this is a feasible solution or not.

  • I started out thinking this would be cool too, but it honestly seems like for airports and coffee shops, having a traditional VPN client would be easier/faster.

    It still takes about 5 min to stand up a Teleport, configure it and let it go through it's reboot and connect-to-home cycle before you're fully up. In that time, I can easily connect both my phone and my laptop to IPSec VPN directly to my EdgeRouter.

    If AmpliFi had a traditional VPN client when on-the-go, I think it would be a better bridge solution than powering the hardware solution, esp. when you're only going to be there a small handful of hours.

  • @jayson-knight I carry a Jackery PowerBar (now called the Explorer 75 I think) that is a portable battery with 110v AC. Works well for the teleport if you want to be totally portable. The last time I was at the airport for any length of time, however, I did go ahead and setup the teleport and it worked well. Just have to remember not to forget it!

  • @albert-lee Where i've found it most useful while traveling is just not having to go re-set all of my devices to a new wifi AP when traveling. You can get to the hotel, spend the couple minutes setting up your secure hotspot, and all the devices you're carrying (including some that are annoying to get on a hotel wifi like a fire stick) just work.

  • @michael-eckhoff Agreed. In the hotel, or anywhere that I'm expecting to camp out for extended periods of time, the Teleport is incredible. The Wi-Fi is also more stable and reliable than a poorly planned Wi-Fi deployment in a hotel. I've been burning one in at the office as well, and has been running for several weeks now with no drama.

    Love it for its simplicity. Secretly wish it was enterprise-y, but definitely one of the coolest network gadgets I've played with in a very long time.

  • @albert-lee Agreed. I’m traveling next week, and have already paired all my devices to my brand new teleport. Now I’ll just fire up all my equipment, and it’ll all auto connect, just have to pair the Tele to the hotel WiFi. This will be great for my Nintendo Switch, which can be finicky with some hotel WiFi.

    This is going to be one of the coolest pieces of tech I toss into my travel bag for sure. And I can close a lot of ports on my home firewall as well. I’m even thinking about buying a bunch, and “renting” them out to clients to connect to my “corporate” network (it’s just my home network) instead of setting up crazy VPN/RDP solutions for them in Azure/etc. We’ll see though, b/c I’m not sure if I feel like supporting an extra device yet.

  • @albert-lee That’s a good point, for one-off uses, or for just a single device, software VPN tunnels are easier and faster to connect to. I’m just looking for a way to ditch my home VPN solution I have set up through Windows Server 2016 (the configuration is a nightmare, certificates are expensive). I know there are easier solutions, but I try to use the stuff built into Windows Server when I can for tighter integration.

    This device is going to get me most of the way there, and soon I’ll have my whole network in Azure so it won’t really matter...but this gets me about 80% of where I need to be for now, and it’s cheap, and virtually painless to set up. Best of all, no freaking carts to have to deal with.

  • This is a great idea, USB powered Teleport instead of wall connection, love it!

  • I like having the existing power method of connection to wall plug.
    Assuming that the 110Volts is converted to 5 volts to actually operate the Teleport, I would like to see a USB-C or Micro USB connection that would accept 5 volt power input also. This 5 volt power input could bypass the 110v power conversion and allow the Teleport to be powered from a cigarette lighter in a car or on a boat or in a camper etc. It could also be powered from a USB port on a laptop.

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