Two-Factor Authentication

  • EDIT: I’m speaking strictly about the Teleport device, and not the Amplifi router.

    Some sort of two-factor authentication needs to be built into this device in addition to just the password. Maybe some sort of notification/confirmation in the Amplifi app any time a new device joins (with the ability to “store” common/known devices, or a “don’t prompt for additional auth for x number of days/weeks/months)?

    As a mobile device that allows unfettered access to someone’s home network, a password just isn’t enough security in my opinion, so this is an absolute must.

  • @jayson-knight We support only common WPA/WPA2 standard which is based on password. It is convenient and secure enough for most home users.

    For larger applications, there is WPA Enterprise - very flexible and secure but requires much more care and feeding. Amplifi does not support it.

  • @jayson-knight. Isn't this mitigated by allowing those you don't want to have unfettered access by only allowing them access via the Guest Network?

  • @jayson-knight Are you referring to MFA for access to the app or MFA for devices actually connecting to your WIFI network?

  • @maj170123 Devices connecting to the network via the Teleport device.

  • @james-earl-ford The Teleport device has a guest network? I’m talking strictly about the Teleport device.

  • @jayson-knight Oops, my bad. I think there is a lot of confusion here since the 'latest posts' doesn't show what the main forum is, just 'Suggestions'. I didn't notice this was in the Teleport forum...

    A push to accept to the app shouldn't be that hard to implement. This doesn't need a full MFA system setup for it (email, SMS, etc). I would do it for both when the Teleport is trying to connect to the router and also when a device is trying to connect to the Teleport.

    I think that push notification in general need to be supported. Notifications of when the teleport connects to my home, new devices connect, new updates, etc.

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