API to query connected devices.

  • I have noticed that in the amplifi app, I am able to see which devices (MAC & NAME) are connected to the wifi.

    I would like to know how I could query the ROUTER from a PC or PIE asking it for list of connected devices. I want to use this for home automation, to know if someone is home or not by seeing if their phone is connected.

  • Would need that feature too! It seems that the listed connected devices (family tab of app) is very accurate and would by a good starting point for presence detection. Or is there a possibility to access this data by expanding my home network it with an ubiquit product? If so, what would be the least i need?

  • @dylan-hyslop use the app and check the devices list.

  • @Edward-Dolezal we are aware, that we can grab our smartphone open the amplifi app and check the device status. But only humans can do that, not robots. my raspberry pi cannot do this 😉

    what we need is something like node-red-contrib-unifi but for the amplifi router.

  • @dylan-hyslop there is a reverse IP lookup and something else, I've seen it in pi hole, it think it's conditional forwarding.

  • One more upvote for this! 🙂

    As the phone app is using some sort of API to get the data from the router, just some sort of documentation about the current API would be enough. No need for cloud support, just the local connection with the local username and password.

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