Not Ready For Prime Time: Way Too Slow

  • I got my Teleport yesterday, and have been putting it through its paces, and for my use cases, it is not ready for prime time. The premise is great, and on paper it works, but there are some serious flaws.

    • The speed is horrifically slow. I’ve average 10mb/s both up and down, which won’t cut it for quality streaming, much less any kind of real work. This was done in a very controller environment, and my network is 1gb/s both up and down, and the dummy network I’m connecting through to simulate a remote “hotspot” supports full WiFi AC. This is unacceptable by any standard.

    • The device has to reboot to switch networks. Seriously? It’s cumbersome at best.

    • I haven’t actually found a way to switch networks, without turning the network the Teleport device is actually connected to off. I cannot navigate to Amplifi.lan or Teleport.lan since these are not in my DNS zone files. Obviously this isn’t possible for “real” networks, like a hotel, airport, etc.

    • There is also no way to find out what the Teleport’s IP address is either (It doesn’t show up in the Connected Devices section of the Amplifi app, and there is no IP addresses listed on the Teleport page in the Amplifi app...please list the IP address somewhere), otherwise I could connect to the Teleport via the web page to switch networks.

    • It took me multiple pairings to get it to actually work, and then (I think? I’m not sure) I figured out the problem: If you connect to the Teleport too soon after adding a network to it, it craps has to do the full power cycle after you connect it to a network, before you connect to the Teleport. It took me close to an hour to get it to finally work on a remote network, even though it showed the status as being fully connected.

    The biggest problem by far though is the speed. That is basically unusable for any real world scenarios, like copying large files, or doing RDP sessions (this works, but you have to turn all the extras off). Why is it so slow? I’ve read it was actually sped UP via recent firmware updates, so I’d hate to see how slow it was before. It’s basically 1/30th the speed of WiFi on my LAN (~300mb/s). I realize you’re always going to lose speed via any VPN solution, but this is unacceptable. I was really looking forward to using this on an upcoming 3 week trip around the country to client sites, but not in this incarnation.

    Any idea when this device will at least crack the 100mb/s mark? Hell, even half that would be acceptable. If these were the speeds seen in the Ubiquiti lab, this thing should have never even made it out the front door.

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