Amplifi rocks

  • Tried many other wifi routers but Amplifi is the best.
    Gives me good signal even in the basement.
    One feature I would request to the development team is if it is possible to access my home wifi when I am travelling. Meaning ability to connect to my home wifi from anywhere in the world and any device including laptop.

  • @pavi-agrawal Hi Pavi!

    Great to hear about your experiences with AmpliFi. We have something called Teleport. It's a little hardware VPN which gives you remote access to your home network and its internet connection. Works the same way as a mesh point, but backhaul is over the internet. Here's more information

    Teleport doesn't need a subscription service – it connects directly to the router. If you set up its SSID with the same name and password as your home network, your devices will connect to it automatically.

    If you just want to manage your router remotely, there's a feature in the app called Remote access.

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