Horrible signal quality after firmware upgrade 2.6.3

  • I have two routers (one being mesh point) and two meshpoints. They all had signal quality >90%, and I decided to upgrade firmware from 2.4.3 to 2.6.3.
    Now they at 20%, 52% and 100%. What was in the upgrade causing this? Nothing else changed in the house, as I was doing this from bed.

  • Have also experienced a drop. I have two hd routers, using the second one as a mesh point. It would show a signal strength of between 52 and 56. Now it stays below 50 (48 as I write). System does seem to work the same as before though.

  • I upgraded and my signal is actually better. Had intermittent service before the update. Have you guys tried power cycling your setup? Unplug everything, then replug the mode, router and anything else plugged into the router in that order?

  • I have the same issue with poor signal strength. I bought a mesh point specifically to support connectivity to my Ring doorbell as it was on the edge of connectivity when connected to the main Amplifi router.

    Previously the doorbell had signal quality of 65%+ and worked flawlessly most of the time, with occasional blips. Now signal is down in the 40s and the doorbell has an awful connection, most of the time we get bad or no video from it and the live streaming view almost never works. It feels almost like I'm not connected to the mesh point at all and am straight back to the router again, but I can see according to the app it is linked via the MP.

    I would like to roll back, but not sure which version I was on previously with any certainty. I'm any case, will give all options a go. @Amplifi - can you please help with this?

    Was very happy before now!

  • I saw slightly better performance with 2.6.3 but nagging problems remain. I purchased an Orbi system to test and found it to be ~2X the performance with none of the Amplifi problems that I was seeing. Clunky interface and more difficult to get set up, but once it was up and running it is far superior. And you do everything with the web interface, the iOS app is less featured, which is the way I prefer it.

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