2.6.3 recommended advance settings configuration.

  • Regarding to the advance settings available and working now, what are the recommended configuration to use?
    Enable Hardware NAT
    802.11k Neighbor Report
    802.11v BSS Transition Management

    Thanks for sharing your opinions.


  • good point! I'd like to know that too.

  • No recomendations from the community?
    With 2.6.3 I have turned on
    Hardware NAT
    802.11k and 802.11v
    and everything is working excellent from this side.
    2.6.3 is very stable, without any issue.
    The best release in a while

  • @juan-moncayo Do you have Band Steering "On" (default) and Router Steering "Off" (default)? These are within the Wireless settings in the app. 🙂

  • @mike-ambroziak Yes, I have Band Steering ON and Router Steering OFF.

  • @mike-ambroziak
    Band Steering is "On" , Router steering is "Off" ... 2ghz (Auto Channel) set to 20mhz and 5ghz (Auto Channel) set to 80mhz

    Mesh point is set to the 5ghz mode.

  • @jayson-knight what would you think with a network that has ~28 devices on the network for settings? Amplifi router is the router (converted my FiOS line from cable to Ethernet) and communicates with two mesh points and a black HD router as an additional mesh point. Running 2 Nest cams, 12 Apple products (Apple TVs, iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, and Watches), smart thermostat, Samsung Smart TV, smart speakers such as Sonos, Google Home and Echo Spot, Nintendo Switch, and other miscellaneous devices that may come in contact. Currently have Hardware NAT on, 802.11 k/v on yet r is off, channels on auto, 20/40 on 2Ghz and 40 on 5Ghz, additional SSID turned on mesh points so my Nest cams, Google Home, Echo Spot, and Apple TVs always connect to the same point to keep a strong signal. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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