Adding a 2nd HD Router in the Bridged Mode...

  • I have a house that has a small office about 50 yards away in the backyard. I ran Cat 6 out to it with an estimated cable run of 275 ft. My plan is to install the HD Bridge and 2 Mesh Points in the main 3500 sqft house and install another HD Router in the office and put it into bridge mode, assign it the same SSID and password, and then have one larger wired and wifi system. I use to do this with the Airport Extreme's and i am assuming I can do it with the HD system. Can this be done and are there any potential issues?

  • @jaime-garau The AmpliFi-HD standalone router can be placed in Ethernet Backbone mode if you have an ethernet line already dropped into your office. That way you don't have to create an identical network in bridge mode.

    • Add the standalone router to your network as a Mesh Point (if the office is to far way, I recommend adding the stand alone unit in the same room as the main router for this initial configuration)
    • Launch the app and tap the new RaMP (Router as a Mesh Point) Icon
    • Enable Ethernet Backbone
    • Relocate the device to desired location and plug the ethernet cable into the WAN port.

  • @ubnt-brett Thanks. Sounds easy enough. So once installed in the office it will broadcast the same network just expanding the coverage + have the extra ports for connecting the computer. Does the Cat 6 connect into a LAN port on the 2nd HD or the WAN?

  • @jaime-garau Exactly. It connects to the WAN port.

  • @Jaime-Garau I was wondering if you got this setup up and running and what your findings are? I'm thinking of setting up about the same setting once we got our garage finished.

  • @jan-collijs You can always reach out to me as well when you start building your network. Just let me know what specific questions you have. Best of luck!

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