QoS for Ethernet Devices

  • It would be nice to have the same QoS options for Ethernet connected devices as what is already available for wireless devices.

  • I have noticed that the the Amplifi app shows the speeds for the wireless devices but does not show any speed for the Ethernet connected devices. The screen on the main router seems to be showing all of the data that is being uploaded or downloaded from the ISP, so it seems that the Ethernet data is being tracked at some level. I agree that it would be great to see them listed in the app.

  • Also have noticed when using other router in bridge mode to the amplifi hd it will display previous wireless connections as ethernet; when i assume connected throught the ap? Would be nice for qos or where it doesn’t switch.

  • I agree. My devices that regularly saturate my internet connection are all connected via ethernet. If my desktop uses all available bandwidth over a wired connection, QOS doesn't work at all.

  • Any news on this one?

    I would like to be able to work on my PC (ethernet) whilst my Wife uploads pictures to facebook. Currently this is impossible.

  • Would like this as well.

  • Really bummed about this as I have more wired devices than wifi... Please implement this asap.

  • Just want to add my voice to this. Just bought the Amplifi HD and am terribly disappointed that ethernet connections are not monitored for speed and have now QOS settings. This is really a deal-breaker for me as I have limited bandwidth and I was planning on using the bandwidth monitoring to identify hogs on my network. Unfortunately a lot of my connections are hard-wired. Probably will return router if this is not addressed. Based on age of this thread I am not optimistic.

  • @Jeff-Cunningham Thanks for the request, I will add your vote.

  • Me too... its a very important issue to resolve...

  • @Ed-Hildreth asked them for this years ago too, reposted the same simple question, add the ethernet metering!

  • So it won't be fixed anytime soon (ever). I'm sure it's one of those things where some engineer sees the technical hurdles and can't step back to see how silly it is, since some of the exact thing you need to priority to (i.e., femtocell) are wired.

    What are people (or Ubiquiti) recommending to workaround this as an inexpensive / easy fix? An edgerouter in front?

  • This is really absolutely essential. I just had my desktop (wired) decide to download a huge game update today, and it effectively shut down every other device on the wireless. As in, kicked off VPN's, unable to even resolve DNS requests, unable to ping external addresses. This is not an acceptable user experience - I am going to have to wait until 3am or something to allow this massive download to happen.

  • I'm still waiting this feature to be implemented... have been for over a year now. Anything?

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