Router User Accounts

  • I have two suggestions for accessing the router for administration.

    • Allow changing of the administrative account (google or facebook) without having to do a factory reset. If this isn't feasible, please consider adding an option to download a backup of the existing configuration before the reset. Similar to the Unifi app, there could be an option at the beginning of the setup wizard to upload the backup file to at the beginning of the setup. The only thing that wouldn't be in the backup configuration would be the user account information so you could then connect it to the different account that you wanted to switch to.

    • It would be extremely helpful to allow additional accounts (google or facebook) to be linked to existing router. This would facilitate a third party the ability to provide direct support to installed AmplifiHD systems. I'm thinking of scenarios where you install a router for non-technical friend or family member. You would want the owner to have the AmpliFi app so they can access the router features, but at the same time, if you (the support person) is in another location, you can open the AmpliFi app and remotely administer the router if needed. The only way of accomplishing this today is to either have the user share their google/facebook credentials, or create a separate google account just for all your installed AmpliFi routers but then the owner doesn't have access. Neither of those workarounds are feasible, or being able to link an additional "support" user would be a huge win.

    Thanks for considering these suggestions.

  • ++ Pleeease!

    We are a small ISP and are starting to push Amplifi's left and right because they do solve a lot of wireless issues. Currently, we set ourselves up as the remote administrator so that we can help our customers. They don't mind, but it's a hassle to try and manage 10+ routers from one account; let alone share that account in a company with 2-3 technicians who need access as well.

    We would love a better way to allow a 3rd party to assist in managing devices. For that matter as well, make the mobile app a bit easier to use with 10+ routers on it. Perhaps a search method or some way to filter from the list. UNMS is a new thing that's being pushed across the PowerBeam / AirOS model and would work well here too if it were possible. Just put in the UNMS key and we can manage it from a computer.

    We're actually in a position where we might start selling 200+ a year as part of another deal. I couldn't imagine supporting that many routers from the mobile app. I'm hoping we can have some sort of solution soon so we can support our (and therefor Ubnt's) customers at that point.


  • I hope @UBNT-Gunars sees @michael-whitaker's post here and has ideas on how UBNT can partner with support companies such as this! I'm guessing some of us advanced users would also love to get our hands on such support tools as well! 😄

  • @michael-easlick said in Router User Accounts:

    That's not a mesh router, that's an access point.

  • @letmepickmyownusername-ubiquiti doh! I just saw it on the beta a while back, thought it was exactly what you where asking for lol

  • @michael-easlick Yeah, the main case for Amplifi is when you have a very large home that a single router does not cover, and you're in an area with tons of 2.4 wireless devices that the 2.4 channels are unusable, you need some way to provide 5 GHz wifi throughout the home. However just using multiple access points spread throughout the home doesn't work as seamlessly as a mesh router that supports access point / router steering and such.

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