Amplifi HD and powerline adapters

  • Anyone have experience with using Amlifi HD routers in mesh mode over power line adapters? I have 3 HD routers (2 in mesh mode) that I'm thinking of connecting using NETGEAR PowerLINE 1200 Mbps. I cannot wire the house for ethernet, so considering this as an alternative.

    Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • This doesn't really address your specific question, sorry, but I am using Netgear PL1010 devices to connect my TV/etc. to my Amplifi HD and it works great. I would expect it should be fine as a wired backhaul substitute.

  • @rakesh-gupta i’m using a TP-link 2000 and i’m getting up to 1700Mbps! It’s connected to the AMPLIFI through an Edgeswitch. It’s the best PL i’ve used and I have a bunch of netgear pl’s. I don’t need to use it for Ethernet backhaul since I max my internet speed everywhere in the house with mesh.

  • @hanz-shcaerp Thanks - I did not have much luck with the Netgear Powerline adapters. I may keep a pair just to connect some non-wifi equipment, but even though it's rated for 1200Mbps - I was getting only 70 Mbps

  • I have used the following D-Link setup. The base device plugs straight into the Amplifi and the extender is easily paired and I use it to give me WIFI in my garden bar. Works a treat.

    D-Link DHP-509AV/B AV500 HD PowerLine Starter Kit

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