Wired Speed Reports?

  • Does anybody have any speed reports from using the Teleport with it hardwired into the host network? I’m seeing roughly 10mb/s up/down when using WiFi networks, which is just too slow for getting any kind of serious remote work done. I’m really hoping wired speeds are faster, otherwise this device is dead on arrival for me.

    Also, are their any plans to release a more powerful Teleport device? 10mb/s isn’t even high enough for some streaming apps (Plex, and 4K from Netflix). I’d be willing to pay a higher premium for a more powerful Teleport device, but given this device is touted as a way to “use your home network for streaming”, but it caps out as 10mb/s, I feel strongly that this is false advertising. Amplifi really needs to work on getting this speed much higher for this to be a feasible remote VPN device.

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