Wi-Fi speeds?

  • I am looking at buying a Amplifi HD and replacing my Orbi. When connected to the mesh points do you see any reduction in speeds? On the Orbi I get a full 250 that I pay for regardless of which point I am connected to. I want to make sure with the Amplifi is similar as it only has dual bands.


  • My speeds are pretty bad. On my orbi and previous Asus (standard router) I was able to copy from my NAS (connected via bonded gigabit ports) at around 67meg / sec (megabytes, not bits). I just hooked up the AmplifiHD and I was getting about 30 meg / sec.

    Opened a ticket for this and for my my extreme WAN speed swings (900+ mbits dropping down to 300mbits a couple hours later).

    My Orbi and Asus routers never achieved the 900+ range, so I was all set to return the orbit and keep the amplifi... but then the wireless speeds and WAN slowdowns are making me rethink it.

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