Apple TV Not Using Mesh Point

  • Recently my Apple TV has stopped using the mesh point, and instead uses the Amplifi router, even though the mesh point signal is 97%, and the router is < 50%. No matter how many times I reboot the Apple TV, or have it forget the WiFi network, and no amount of /k/v combinations are getting it to use the mesh point. Throughput is awful as a result.

    I recently updated to Amplifi 2.6.3 and tvOS 11.3. My iPhone and iPad are using the mesh point when located in the same room. The mesh point is literally 8 feet away from the Apple TV, and the router is 40 feet across the house, and on a different floor. I do not have router steering enabled.

  • @jayson-knight Try to enable separate SSID and connect Apple TV to SSID of meshpoint.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not interested in this solution as it defeats the whole purpose of having a mesh network. This was working just fine before the latest Amplifi firmware upgrade so I’m inclined to think it’s a bug. Why would only the Apple TV “lock on” to the router that has half the signal strength? I know the Apple TV doesn’t support /k/v switches, but even with those off, it will not use the mesh point.

  • I’ve done some extensive testing, and I figured it out: using either (or both) of the /k/v switches makes the Apple TV use the router, no matter how strong the mesh point signal is. I’ll file this in the bug forum. I know these switches are in beta, so not a huge deal since I can not use them...but what I don’t understand is why the Apple TV doesn’t fall back to whatever it needs to so it can use the mesh point.

  • @jayson-knight Next version of firmware should have "Additional SSID" feature. You will be able to create separate SSID on meshpoint exclusively for your Apple TV to have it fixed to that meshpoint.

  • @dmitrijs-ivanovs Yeah I saw that, I have a lot of questions about it though that I posted on the RC thread.

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