Amplifi HD shuts off connection

  • Bought the Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD a couple of days ago, and to begin with it worked fine - as far as we could tell there wasn´t any issues to be seen - got updated to latest version and so on.
    But for some reason it decided to shut off the connection completely the night between Monday and Tuesday (9th-10th of April) stating it could not get an ip adress. Now I know it was the reason since everything went back to normal when it wasn´t connected through either wan or other lan port in the ISP router.
    So is there some way to check what might be causing the issue, or just know what it could be, and not going to accept the solution to be rebooting it every so often - too expensive that it should be needed. 🙂

    As said the Amplifi was updated.
    The ISP router is a Huawei B315s wireless connection (noted the ISP is sending us a new one, so this is mainly to avoid this happening again later).

    Hope someone is able to shed some light on this, and let me know if other info is needed.

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