Will UniFi® Security Gateway work with Amplifi?

  • Hi all,

    Anyknow know if the UniFi Security Gateway will work with the Amplifi?
    I want more security, and I also want to have the DPI, Deep packet inspection, on my network, since I do have alot of IoT, NAS and clients at home.

    This is something I feel that I´m missing in the Router as of today

  • Hi Kenneth,

    I have a UniFi Security Gateway 4 upstream from my AmpliFi, it works fine but no apparent integration as far as I've seen. I.e. you can't see nor control the UniFi appliance through the AmpliFi app, you still need to configure the Gateway through the UniFi-controller.

    Kind regards/Mike

  • @michael-anderberg Hi, and thx for reply. Do you get the benefit of the system? As in, I want to monitor the network traffic, what is going on, block urls, see what devices does what kind of contact with certain urls etc?

  • I feel that this is an issue throughout all of Ubiquity. Currently they have 3 lines (that I'm aware of). They have the UniFi line, all controlled through an awesome app, the EdgeMax line, which isn't controlled by anything except directly, and the AmpliFi line controlled through the phone app. Hopefully they will one day consolidate all of them cause I hate bouncing between all of the means of interfacing with my Ubiquiti life. 🙂

  • @kenneth-nilssen are you running Amplifi in bridge mode?

  • @thiago-vinhas Hi, no I´m not, since like others, I do like the benefit of the app and the given control, i.e. setting a device on pause for internet access etc.

    I do run a own DNS with Pi-Hole on, but all my devices are seen as "one device" in the Pi-Hole.

    I do want to know, i.e. why does my printer contact domain A, B and C.
    Now I have to guess based on the dns logs I get from my Pi-Hole.

    I also want to have my own block list, in a home device. I know I can i.e. run OpenDNS, but les in cloud is better. I don't want a "Cambrigde DNS" case...

    The best part would be to have the solution as a addon in my router. I would be happy to pay for a upgrade with more stuff, or add a extra box between my router and modem.

  • @michael-anderberg I´m in the same situation. I want to have more control about what´s going on my home network. How do you have your security network configured? do you have separate information about each individual wifi client? Can you post a screenshot to see what you can get of your amplifi from the security gateway?

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