Spelling mistake below "Settings" in Norwegian language?

  • I have noticed that when one enters the app and select the router and then scroll on the page the text says "HDCP-server". Shouldn't this have been "DHCP-server"?

    App version 1.8.2(1)
    iPhone 6
    Norwegian language setting

  • +1 from another Norwegian user on iPhone 7+
    (old and new version of the app, under "advanced")

  • Yeah, also noticed this. Should be fixed.

    Edit: I made a supportcase on this. They say this will be fixed in a future version of the app.

  • Wow. I have reached out to support on this issue twice. Both time they acknowledge there was an issue. This was months ago and the app has been updated at least twice since then. How hard is it to fix a spelling issue?

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