Version 2.6.3 - Wireless connection stability issues - how do I downgrade firmware?

  • With 2.6.0 and 2.6.1 I found things to be very unstable. I do wifi calling, and would constantly be dropping calls. Also, all of our devices would constantly stop working, and we would need to disable wifi and reenable wifi to get them back online. Interestingly, it was usually just one device at a time, the whole system was up, and everything else was working. Then with 2.6.2, magic, things seems to get way more stable. I just upgraded a couple days ago to 2.6.3, and bam, back to just nothing working again. How can I downgrade to 2.6.2?

  • @daniel-goepp I can help you get downgraded to V2.6.3. But first can I get you to send in support files referencing this post and myself so we can analyze what might be causing your stability issues? Please generate the support files when you are experiencing the issue.
    AmpliFi App> System Tab>Tap Router Icon>Support Info

  • @UBNT-Brett I would like to downgrade to 2.6.2 (from 2.6.3). I have emailed in my support file:



  • @ubnt-brett Sorry, I misread your message and missed the last bit. I just uploaded a support file, but I wasn't experiencing the problem at the time, and I'm not sure how far back that file goes. I will be sure to capture the support file the next time I experience the problem.

  • Contacted support, and they are helping me out. I have successfully downgraded my base station, just need to get the mesh points downgraded now, and hopefully I'll be back to my happy stable place.

  • Just to close this one out, this ended very badly for me. I was able to down grade the mesh points, but after doing so, they wouldn't reconnect. The only option provided by support was a factory reset! Wow, okay. So, I'll just wipe out all my settings that took forever to get setup. No option to export those settings either. Lame. Anyway, I did it, and things are back up and running. I'm sticking with 2.6.3 I guess, since downgrading was too painful for now. I sure hope they come out with a version that is stable again.

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