Can’t Connect to non-LAN Resources

  • EDIT: When it connected to the Marriott guest network, it was able to connect to Netflix/etc on the “testing” page after it connected to the guest network, with decent speed tests as well (from the amplifi.lan page).

    Currently traveling and trying out my Teleport for the first time, and there’s a huge problem: I can’t connect to resources on the internet (email, websites, streaming services, etc). I can access resources on my LAN just fine (RDP, etc). This is from both my iPad and my iPhone.

    When I tested this at home, I had no problems. I’m currently at a Marriott hotel, and when I connected the Teleport to the Marriott Guest network, I was NOT prompted to provide my room #, last name, etc, so that might be the problem...but why would I still be able to access my LAN resources?

    Here are two screenshots (2nd is the speed test page for teleport, 1st is the message I get when trying to connect to Google).

    ![alt text](1_1523866655650_EADC9FA5-B56A-4F68-8F4E-7AB832A1B8D0.png 0_1523866655650_900D270C-6053-48C4-B15E-B8C4DFC97C53.png image url)

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