Super Teleport

  • Please re-purpose (preferably with a firmware update) the HD Mesh Router cube platform into an upgraded Teleport option so we can have wired Ethernet simultaneously on both the WAN & LAN sides, and very importantly, please keep Apple AirPlay traffic localized to the remote side of the Teleport instead of bouncing it back and forth to the home network.

  • I think unless there is a super fact network, Teleport is only useful to VPN to the home/office network. For all other connections I stay local to wherever I am. Too slow otherwise.

  • @harald-striepe I have three teleports and regularly use them to remote back home to watch streaming TV to get around Spectrums restriction of only having cable access in the home it is registered to. I think it is plenty fast (although would not say no to faster). I would like to be able to use the normal HD cube as a teleport though so I could have Ethernet support remotely.

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