Integration with Home Assistant.

  • Hi!

    I read the news of Paulus Schoutsen, the founder of Home Assistant, to be employed at UBNT. So I thought maybe these suggestions could be made possible.

    • Integration of the Amplifi system in Home Assistant.
      So being able to use it for presence detection. Maybe utilizing the bluetooth (or BLE, don't know what is being used) for seeing presence and/or location (in house). that would be great!

    You could also make a range of products that can work together with Amplifi, like all kind of sensors or smart devices, and then use Home Assistant for controlling them.

    Another suggestion:
    Option to disable the 2.4Ghz entirely.
    Option to manually create SSIDs (is coming to the new 2.7 firmware?)
    Option to bind SSIDs to specific VLANs (VLAN support per SSID and per physical port)

  • Agreed, I would to turn my kids lights off when they leave the house..

    I hope this gets some traction

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