PSA: Interference from other devices

  • I had a persistent issue in one of my mesh zones, where performance suddenly disappeared. Signal strength was fine, but nothing would get through. I struggled with this through different betas and configurations.

    I finally found the solution!

    Or I should say one of the AmpliFi engineers did. He pointed out that based on my system report there was a lot of noise at the Mesh Point. I quickly realized the problem.

    The Mesh Point is plugged into a typical wall outlet a couple of feet above the base board. Right below it was also the base station for our robo vac. I immediately suspected its switching power supply for the culprit.

    I moved it to another wall and my problems were gone.

    This might be useful to other users. It's something that should be in the manual, which we do not read.

    I am wondering whether the app could be made to report interference?

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