1000 Mbps WiFi Issues

  • The PC that is connected to Amplifi hits 850-950 Mbps down and 42 up. But everything I connect to Amplifi via wifi(using AC) is only hitting 200-350Mbps down and 42 up. The devices I am testing speeds on all have AC and are connected via 5Ghz. Still not getting good speeds via wifi and I have NAT turned on as well. Any thoughts?

  • I'm having the same issue. I got up to 960Mbps when directly wired to Amplifi. Speed droped to below 300Mbps via WiFi. Strange. I am on Comcast Gig.

  • @andrew-stemerman For various technical reasons, that’s the max you’re going to get. Here’s a Speedtest of a laptop sitting about 2 feet away from the Amplifi router, and I’m on gigabit (up/down) internet.


  • @jayson-knight I am having the same issue. Did you do any testing to understand "various technical issues"? Also, is that the max throughput per device or for the wireless in general?

  • @justin-grudzien You’re always going to lose a lot of speed over wireless as compared to wired. That’s per device, obviously the more wireless devices you have going full throttle, the less throughput per device you’re going to get. Amplifi has said that the theoretical throughput for wifi is close to 100%, but I’ve yet to understand A) how they reached that conclusion or B) under what settings this could be replicated in the real world. I’ve asked them several times for real world tests and have gotten no answers.

    Outside of using very high throughput apps (4K streaming perhaps?) 320mb/s should be plenty fast for home users. If your streaming needs are critical enough to need faster speeds, then they should be wired to begin with, especially if you have gigabit internet. What is your use case for needing that much bandwidth?

  • @jayson-knight very good answer....also most consumer device (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc) network cards can only handle around 300+/- wifi speeds up or down. So if you are seeing those speeds then you are just fine, there is nothing wrong with your wifi or your device. As consumer wifi network cards improve so will the speed. Right now the only way you are going to get close to the speed are paying for is through a wired connection (as you accurately stated).

  • @jayson-knight Yes the 100% throughput claim is certainly one for the false advertising police to pursue i recon !. My connection is 330mb down and 30mb up and only my Mac Book Pro wireless card reaches the max on a speed test. All other wireless devices I have vary in speed but reach around about 250mb at best. Xbox, TV, Humax and any other device I can possibly use Ethernet with I do.

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