1000 Mbps WiFi Issues

  • The PC that is connected to Amplifi hits 850-950 Mbps down and 42 up. But everything I connect to Amplifi via wifi(using AC) is only hitting 200-350Mbps down and 42 up. The devices I am testing speeds on all have AC and are connected via 5Ghz. Still not getting good speeds via wifi and I have NAT turned on as well. Any thoughts?

  • I'm having the same issue. I got up to 960Mbps when directly wired to Amplifi. Speed droped to below 300Mbps via WiFi. Strange. I am on Comcast Gig.

  • @andrew-stemerman For various technical reasons, that’s the max you’re going to get. Here’s a Speedtest of a laptop sitting about 2 feet away from the Amplifi router, and I’m on gigabit (up/down) internet.


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