Feature matrix for router mode vs. bridge mode.

  • One of the biggest disappointments with the Amplify Mesh is the lack of features within Bridge Mode. I would like to see a matrix of features show what is available in router mode vs. bridge mode. I would like to see something similar to below but on a bigger scale:

    Feature - Router - Bridge
    Guest Access - Yes - No
    QoS - Yes - No
    Remote Management-Yes - Yes
    Family Profiles - Yes - No
    Quiet Times - Yes - No

    I realize this is a "consumer" product and most customers will be ok with router mode, but some people like myself use bridge mode. Lack of features in bridge mode is making me reconsider Amplify as a viable option going forward.

  • Agree with you. +1
    Wil be great move this post to suggestions forum.

  • I agree, I am currently looking for a new home mesh wifi system and Amplifi was my main choice until I read the forums about the limited access once in bridge mode. FIOS requires the router to be in bridge mode, so in that case if Amplifi does not have a solution for this I will need to go with a competitor like Google Wifi.

    Below is the update I received from the Amplifi Representative on January 8th 2019

    When you enable the option for bridge mode in the AmpliFi router using the AmpliFi app.
    You will lose features like:
    Guest SSID, QoS, Static IP, Port forwarding and Parental controls.
    There are no updates on this if they will ever be implemented or not. As we have already forwarded this to the development team.

    Very disappointed in Amplifi

  • Wow... this is really bad. I got 2 routers already and was thinking about expanding, but this product seems to look like some sort of unwanted child, they don't seem to care, maybe I will go for something Enterprise level, this is disappointing

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