Top 10 - Call for Feature Requests #2

  • Sure, this wasn't created by the actual developers, but since they locked #1, I say it's time to start #2!

    My two cents... err... suggestions:

    • Hardware-related: Add a Gigabit Ethernet jack to the mesh points to allow for wired-backhaul to the router. This is mostly because...
    • Software-related: Allow each radio on the mesh points to use a different channel on the same band to eliminate the 1/2 bandwidth reduction that is created when both radios use the same channel (and have to therefore share the road, so to speak). Currently, at least according to your own support people, the two radios always use the same channel. Hence the other option of a wired backhaul.

  • I'd like to see;

    • DynamicDNS Added for No-IP and other providers.
    • OpenVPN app/installed on the router itself

  • Manage the router by LAN. Especially when you bork the wifi settings.

  • Maybe not the most wanted feature and I didn't find anything related, but what about the possibility of scheduled WIFI-activity?
    E. g. WIFI-deactivation during the night and scheduled wake-up or wake-up-ping to mesh points?

  • For me, I'd like to see:

    • functionality along the lines of Eero Plus / Cuju
    • per device traffic volume reporting
    • a native tablet app

  • I'd love an option for port-forwarding to either provide an access log, or be enabled on demand remotely. E.g. if I need to access my home system I can open the app and enable the port forwarding before trying to connect.

    An alternative would be for port-forwarding to require a 2-factor style confirmation from the app.

  • The feature I want the most is a webui that we could use on any device on the network it would be great not having to use an app to configure the router.

  • @michael-cox-0

    We manage Amplifi's for our customers and now have about 2 dozen on our gmail account (why gmail?? Just give me a regular login...) using the phone app. With no searching or filtering of any kind, it makes it a pain to manage from the phone. If a customer calls in, we have to grab someone who has phone access to look at their device, which means our techs can't easily help them. 😕

    +1 for a web management solution. +1 for a 3rd party support or administrator role that can be assigned to us instead of using our email as the primary app account...

  • A feature I would like to see: the possibility to give every family member his own internet time for the week. So my kids can use it for maybe 10 hours and after that they have to wait for the rest of the week.

  • @gunnar-mellentin Yes, this is the feature I want. Quiet time block Internet traffic, but traffic within the house is still possible (e.g. to my Plex server). I'd like the option to block all non-system traffic to an from specific devices at certain times.

  • ssh access for administration?

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