Powering the AmpliFi Router using a USB-C Car charger or DC supply

  • Hi All,

    We would like to power the AmpliFi Router using a DC power supply for use in one of our Test Labs.
    We have tried using the Belkin USB-C Car Charger (http://www.belkin.com/au/p/P-F7U004/) but unfortunately we get the "Adapter Error" message. We selected the Belkin Car charger because it uses 12VDC and has the USB-C power delivery chip set. This means it will detect the DC level for the device and then deliver the correct DC voltage (i.e. 9VDC for the AmpliFi router).
    Is anyone aware of any USB-C car chargers or other USB-C compatible DC power supplies that will work with the AmpliFi router?

    Many Thanks
    Hoping someone can assist me with this matter.

  • Going to second this. Would like to know what issue the "adapter error" is complaining about. Would like to use a DC battery backup for this device. Yeah, I can use a standard AC UPS, but them it is converting AC->DC->AC->DC, which is horrifically inefficient.

    If the device is not USB-C compliant, then it should not be using that connector.

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