Changes in the setup and other suggestions

  • After a quite messy installation process I must say that there could be many changes done.

    First of all the Web UI of the Teleport gives the feeling of a "work in progress". It should be possible to click back and forth between the various pages available under amplifi.lan of the Teleport. I didn't even know about some of them before I contacted support. Among things I miss is the possibility to change the SSID of the Teleport without having to reset it. In some cases an other wifi network could have the same SSID and then it easily should be possible to carry out the change with the same ease as finding the network the Teleport is to connect to. Of course, it could be enough with putting all the possible settings (except searching for network) in the app. Right now it's quite confusing to have to jump between the Web UI and the app.

    The setup could also be so much easier.
    Right now it's not exactly plug'n'play, maybe due to that the manual could be a bit clearer. When connecting to the wifi of the Amplifi Router and pairing the Teleport a box could open prompting for a port for the Teleport to use together with information about that you should forward this port on your router. Frankly, due to security reasons I really don't want to use UPnP and prefer to forward the port. Once that's done you should be up and running. It shouldn't be more difficult than that.

    Except for that. Now having carried out the installation process I'm really satisfied. Nice, nifty little gadget 🙂

  • I have been working with personal computers since 1980, started with minis in the 70s.
    I got mine configured, but it is still not fully clear to me. Testing it out in my home office it took one factory reset to get through the process. Performance over a fast hot spot to test it out is glacial.
    I certainly do not like the logic that AmpliFi.lan and use a facebook login!!!! How secure is that? I do not trust fb or google. I want a password and two-factor authentication!
    And give me a fallback configuration profile so I can quickly modify settings. These screens, which are not entirely clear but are supposed to be pretty do not help.
    I was able to loop back and see machines on my local lan, but the AmpliFi.lan portal never indicated the Teleport was online.

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