Time Machine compatibility

  • With Apple having announced it is abandoning the Airport line, I think there is a great opportunity for Amplifi to pick up the mantle. The protocols required are easy to implement, there's that unused USB port just itching for a use, and the Base station is Apple level sexy. Seems like a perfect selling point for those who are sad to see their Time Capsules are at the end of their line and have nowhere else to go.

  • a new time-capsule-like separate device would be better than to pollute the existing router with this. let the router route and create a device that is designed, from the ground up, to perform time machine, and maybe other NAS functions.

  • no to apple time capsule stuff its not a nas its a router and there are far better stuff then adding unnessary functions just because Apple didnt wanna support their routers

  • You can use Synology ... that's what I have in my network as a Time Machine. No dependency on a router.

  • I use synology as well to back up 4-5 Macs on my network, no issues whatsoever.

  • @chris-dunlop

    I agree, the USB port should be enabled so a USB drive can utalized.

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