OpenVPN and uPNP issues on firmware 2.6.3

  • I have 2 QNAP NAS servers use wire to connect to Amplifi HD, the uPNP feature does not work at all even I use the build-in feature to force NAS server try to apply uPNP setting to Amplifi HD. The Amplifi HD is connected to Verizon FIOS ONT and that's the way I was used to do when I was still using my Verizon router. Since nPNP is not working, I manually set the port forwarding rules. Proxy service, no problem. PPTP connection, no problem. OpenVPN, working and not working.

    It's working if the device is under same network, even I use dynamic DNS service to connect to it, there's no problem. But if I use my phone or try to connect from my office, OpenVPN is not working at all. This is a firmware issue, not Internet nor NAS problem.

  • got hardware nat enabled ?

  • Hardware NAT was disabled.

    Also, if I change back to use my old router to connect Verizon ONT, no problem.

    ONT - Amplifi HD - NAS, OpenVPN is not working
    ONT - Verizon router - NAS, OpenVPN is working

  • Solution is change UDP 1194 to TCP 1194.
    Even hardware NAT is on the connection can still be established.

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