WiFi Speeds

  • Hi,
    So i am currently with Talktalk as my ISP and they provide me with speeds around 10mpbs download and 1 upload. These are the speeds I am getting in the same room as the router. I’m thinking of getting amplifi hd and my question is that if I install amplifi would it increase my WiFi speeds in the same room and by how much ?

  • Well, it depends on what you are paying for. You say you are getting 10/1 but it is unclear if you are paying for 10/1. If that is what you are provisioned for, that it what you will get, Amplifi will not make it faster than what your ISP offers. If you are paying for more than 10/1 but that is all you can receive, then it could help, provided that your problem is with your current wifi and not on your provider's end.

    I get ~250Mb/s in wifi speed from Amplifi in my house. But your question is akin to asking "if I get this car will I be able to get to work faster?" There are too many variables to answer that question properly.

  • @john-fruehe My broadband offers me speeds of 16mbs and I’m currently getting around 9-10mps download speed. If I get amplifi hd what would you reckon would happen to my speeds ?

  • Way too difficult to know because with wifi there are too many environmental variables.

    Asking that is akin to saying "if I buy a faster car, will I get to work quicker"? Ultimately it depends on stoplights, speed limits and traffic. Without knowing why you are only getting 10Mb instead of 16Mb it is impossible to say.

    Generally speaking you should get ~80-90% of your provisioned speed, so on a 16Mb connection you should typically expect to see ~14-15Mb/s. This is because there is a router in your mix and the router has overhead. You may have a firewall in your router which adds overhead, and wifi is inefficient.

    I have a 300Mb/s connection and in some cases I can get up to 320Mb/s and as low as 240Mb/s, all depending on about a dozen different variables including where I am sitting, what is around me, what time of day, who else in my neighborhood is doing something, even the weather.

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