Mesh router + mesh points vs multiple mesh routers

  • @rwanderman Sorry for getting back late on this. This thread has been very useful indeed and I went ahead and bought 3 Amplifi routers. One of them is working as router, the other 2 as AP points via ethernet backbone. It works like a charm. The 'tricky' part is you first need to pair the devices on WiFi and then switch on the ethernet backbone, but this is well documented.

    Doing a speed test, I get 250 Mbps down (max speed of my internet connection) in the same room as an AP. Walking up or down stairs this decreases with about 5 Mbps per step. Then when I am almost on a different floor, the speed goes up again. So meshing works perfectly. Speed seems to be 100% in all rooms where a router is available, 90% in the washrooms and bathrooms, and about 50% in the absolute 'death spots' in my house. Which still means around 120 Mbps ). Couldn't be happier really.

  • Hello @Otto-Jacob . I would like to buy 2 Amplifi routers just too get rid of all the cables in the house. One of them would be connected right near the Router from my provider and the second one would be in another room, so my question is : Is it possible to connect the second one to the first through wifi and the merge them in one Wifi network ? because in the second room i have some devices that need cable connection . Thank you

  • Hi @sabău-bogdan - yes, you can connect the second Amplifi router to the first one over WiFi and they will merge into one meshed network.
    And your devices will work fine with the cable connection on the second router.

    When you install the second router you just choose the option to install it as a mesh point.

  • @derek-saville Thank you very much for you answer . I will order them today, and will come back if i have any question. Have a great day !

  • @otto-jacob Great to hear. I’ve just ordered a 3-pack and am looking forward to getting it all up and running. Then I’ll get some mesh points to fill in the black spots.

  • Hello,

    Sorry, to hijack this thread. But I have a question. I'm not sure if my 2 HD's are in mesh mode. My main HD is in my living room and my 2nd HD is in my garage connected wirelessly to it. When I installed it it selected to add in as a mesh point.

    So here is my current set up:

    Main HD (Living Room)

    • Separate SSID for both 2.4GHz/5GHz

    • Band Steering Off

    • Router Steering Off

    2nd HD (Garage)

    • Connected wirelessly to the Main HD in 5GHz

    Now, the issue is when is it suppose to jump from my main HD to the 2nd HD in the garage? When I walk from my living room to the kitchen thru the door to my garage and sit outside of the driveway where the 2nd HD is about 10 feet from me. I can see my wireless singal drop to 1 bar then it goes 4LTE.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Am I suppose to connect the 2nd HD wifi on my iphone wifi connection? The 2nd HD SSID is named AmpliFiber-MP-HD. Should I connect that to my iPhone?

  • Hi @binh-t-nguyen - in the current 2.6.3 firmware and prior if you use the 'Separate SSID' option I believe you are no longer operating in mesh mode.
    Can you try disabling the 'Separate SSID' option?

    In the next firmware release, which is currently in Beta, there will be a new option to keep the routers in mesh mode and still enable a unique SSID for individual mesh-points to serve clients that might be fixed and not require mesh capability.

  • @derek-saville Hello Derek thx for the update. My main HD router is actually in Beta FW releases but my 2nd HD is not. so both units are wlays out of sync. Who do I reach out to someone to add in my 2nd HD for Beta?

  • Hi @binh-t-nguyen - you might be able to still use the registration form linked in the BETA Program thread.

    Or better to contact @UBNT-Chance directly.

  • Hi @Derek-Saville . So i bought 2 amplifi HD, the whole process was easy, put i encountered a big problem. I set up the main router as DCHP setting. I've got fiber from my provider so it was like this : Provider OPT using the 4th port so it only converts fiber->ethernet cable --> Tp-link using PPPOE setup --> Amplifi by DHCP. I would like to remove the TP-link so i should make the amplifi PPPOE, but as i try this, it's not working.
    Are there some other settings to make for the PPPOE connection beside the username and the password my provider gave me ? . Thank you

  • Hi @sabău-bogdan - I am not very familiar with fiber setups, and others with similar services can probably help more, but I would like to understand your setup.

    So you have FTTH and a provider OPT (Optical Network Terminal?) which converts their fiber signal to Ethernet correct?

    And then you use a TP-Link router connected to the ONT to login via PPPOE and provide internet access to your site?
    Did your provider issue the TP-Link router?

    From my understanding, either the TP-Link router would need to be in Bridge mode or the AmpliFi Mesh Router would need to be in Bridge mode for such a setup to work well simply together (although people on this forum have worked around this and detailed in other threads).
    Using the Mesh Router in Bridge mode isn't ideal since you lose functionality, such as Guest WiFi.

    If your TP-Link router can login using PPPOE with just your username and password, the AmpliFi Mesh Router should be able to do so as well in PPPOE mode. Maybe someone from AmpliFi like @UBNT-Gunars can comment.

    Can you connect a PC/Laptop directly to your provider OPT and make a PPPOE internet connection?

  • @derek-saville Yes i can connect my PC/Laptop to my provider OPT to make the PPPOE connection. I can even make it with the OPT (port 1-2-3) and use it like a normal router but it's kinda shitty, so i wanna get rid of the TP-Link and use the OPT (port 4) that only converts to ethernet cable and plug it into the Amplifi to connect it through PPPOE connection, but it's not working. The Amplifi take's it's in creating the connection but in the end it's not working .

  • Hi @sabău-bogdan - does the Amplifi work if you connect it to port 1, 2 or 3 and put it in Bridge Mode?
    Just to confirm that it is working properly.

    And if you connect port 4 to the AmpliFi WAN port and setup PPPOE what does the Diagnostic tab in the app report?

    What is the make and model of your OPT?

  • This thread has been very useful to me. One other question I'd like to add, that I haven't seen specifically addressed. How does the range of the Router vs. Meshpoint compare. I'd really prefer to have 3 wired Routers, 2 acting as meshpoints with ethernet backhaul, but am concerned about the range of the antenna as compared to the Meshpoint. Has anyone noticed a difference, one way or the other?

  • Hi @chris-webb - in all of my experiences the antennas in the HD Routers have outperformed the MeshPoint HD antennas
    Please note that I have never used a Gamers Edition with the new omni-directional MeshPoints

    If you can take advantage of Ethernet backhaul (and total cost isn't an issue) then it is an easy decision to go with multiple HD routers

    One other thought to add... @UBNT-Brett has stated on multiple occasions here and here that the processing power of a Router is greater than a MeshPoint which will provide better performance

    Without knowing your topology and needs, you may find that you only need 2 HD routers for complete WiFi coverage
    It's very easy to add mesh points, so you can always start smaller and add as you go

  • So I have an Amplifi HD router, and I want to increase coverage by installing a mesh point. The cost of a MeshPoint antenna and an HD router is almost the same. Are there any advantages of using a router as a mesh point instead of just an antenna? (Wireless, no backhaul)

  • @rikard-eriksen The AmpliFi HD router will have better processing power resulting in higher speeds, 4 LAN ports that are active even if the unit is meshed wirelessly, and placement options are expanded with it being powered via a 2m cable. Also, a new clock for that room in your house 🙂

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